Ian Potter Moving Image Support Material 2

Words For New Landscapes: Spruik

Words For New Landscapes is a longitudinal project, documenting monthly, through video, interventions and conversations, the recovery of the bush in the Blue Mountains National Park after the Gospers Mountain fire, Dec 2019.
Spruik recalls that time that Australia’s now Prime Minister brought a lump of coal into Parliament, through re-utilising a series of fabric flags made by the artist that repurposed a press image of that event.

More information about the project: HERE

If History Was Written by the Victors, in Interregnum, Casual Arts Centre, 2019. dye-sublimation printed fabric, poles, fans, wire. Installation view, 20 x 1.5 m

Repurposing a media image of the current PM of Australia (then Treasurer) Scott Morrison, brandishing a lump of coal in Parliament.
Part of a deep-time inquiry presenting a linked series of extinctions, from the  greatest mass extinction in the Permian era (250 millions years ago),
through to contemporary climate policies,  in this site, a former coal-fired powerstation turned arts centre.

More information: HERE