Ian Potter Moving Image support 3

‘In July 2016 I spent 10 days in the desert in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, at the Dresser Formation, with a team of astrobiologists from the Australian Centre for Astrobiology. I was there with a drone to map geological sites of the earliest-surviving evidence of life on earth – fossil stromatolites, that lived 3.49 billion years ago.

I created 15 3D environments of these sites that we’re putting into a 360-degree virtual reality theatre as part of a project I’m working on to build virtual reality field trips and study their effectiveness as teaching and engagement tools. Here you can see a few of the sites that I’ve modelled and animated.’

(for more information about the science: HERE)

above: Henry VR.

Installation view of VR experience, Art Gallery of NSW, as indication of VR headset use an the scope of use in this project. This was the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ first virtual reality exhibition, focusing on the restoration of a Tudor portrait of Henry VIII in the Gallery’s collection.For more information about this project, and VR-view images click: