Panoramas and Mountains: The Paramor Prize 2015

Panorama From the Base of Iron Mountain was a finalist in the Paramor Art+Innovation Prize, Casula Powerhouse, Feb-Apr 2015. this work was a large-scale wall drawing using flyscreen mesh, plastic, tape and a video monitor.

Panorama-from-the-base-of iron-mountain-paramor-prize

Panorama-from-the-base-of iron-mountain-paramor-prize


panorama from the base of iron mountain

detail- birds fly, boys climb.

This work is part of a line of enquiry looking at alternative modes of reading and depicting the urban landscape, taking as a starting point of the art historical reading of the term (landscape). This is examined through the lens of two Romantic notions: the natural sublime and the ruin. These works are a series of experiments to find the point of articulation between the sublime, nature and the built, and to propose a few open ended questions about ‘the city’, beauty in the landscape and consumption, in what ever format these are experienced.

The series explores the medium of flyscreen mesh and plastic, looking for the provisional edge within the solidly quotidian materials.


detail- boys climb, dogs growl