Superdry and Other Panoramas: MOP Gallery 2014

Superdry and Other Panoramas was exhibited at MOP Gallery, Sept 2014. It contained 4 large scale drawings on paper (3  exhibited) and a video projection.

This body of work circled around an action, photographs and essay by USA land works artist, Robert Smithson, “Tour of the Monuments of Passic”.

In Superdry and other panoramas

Superdry. Pencil, cut marks on rag paper. 88 x 108 cm, 2014





Penelope Cain superdry_detail

Superdry: Detail

Topshop Penelope Cain drawing

Topshop Digital print, cut mark and pencil on rag paper. 112 cm x 75 cm

Superdry and other panoramas installation view

Superdry and Other Panoramas: Installation view, MOP Gallery, Sydney.

mop install b

Panorama from the Base of Cherry Blossom Mountain: Video projection with sound: installation view, 2014.














In 1967 Smithson undertook a ‘tour’ of Passic, New Jersey, where he documented the hulks of steel bridges, pumping plants and rusting water pipes sitting squatly on the land. He darkly called the views he documented ‘zero panoramas’, and ‘ruins in reverse’.

Superdry and Other Panoramas is not this. It does, however, search for a line of partial redemption between Smithson’s ‘ruins in reverse’ and the sites, views and panoramas that surround us in the city, the urban and beyond.

Through this series of large scale drawings and video projections Penelope Cain marks out lines of enquiry into the articulation between sublime, nature and the built, proposing a series of open ended questions about ‘the city’, beauty in the landscape and consumption, in what ever format these are experienced.

This series of work commenced with the drawing Surface Tension, which was a finalist in the Dobell Drawing Prize, 2012, Art Gallery of NSW.

View video installation:   Panorama at the base of cherry blossom mountain