August: Hydrology

Hydrology: The scientific study of the movement of water.


The area from the State Mine Forest across to Newness, following riverbeds with new rain, grass newly growing, and evidence of recharging hanging swamps (the magic of this term; describing peat bogs on sandstone, perching on escarpments). The area is still poorly recovering and the rocks and gullies are the bone-like markers of this.

Above: video and drone footage from this research site. 

Sound is ambient and recorded on site, mid afternoon.

Above: moth amongst the burned trunks, Newness Plateau. Thinking about the peppered moth, Biston betularia, which evolved darker wing colours in the Industrial Revolution from a single gene mutation, in response to the soot covered walls and air polluted by coal burning. As the environment improved over the 19th century the moths’ colours shifted back towards a more peppered colour.

right: two variants of the Peppered Moth