Words for new landscapes
Words for new landscapes

Words for new landscapes

Words For New Landscapes

Words For New Landscapes

2020 Video, photography, sound.

Speculative longitudinal project documenting Blue Mountains forest recovery after the Christmas fires.

On Dharug and Gundungurra country.

The Gospers Mountain fire was started by lightning and rapidly developed to an out-of-control fire, which swept, impossible to control, through the forest that had experienced the hottest and driest spring and summer on record.


Ultimately 80% of the Blue Mountains national park was burnt- over 512,000 hectares of trees- killing thousands of animals and taking 3 months to fully contain. The scale of this fire, in the new changed climate, is almost impossible to fathom.

This project is looking for new words for these new climate changed landscapes while undertaking a month by month reconsideration of the emergent anthropogenically impacted landscape.

Each month of research is described by a new word.


April: Recumbency


June: Integumen


July: Carbonise

August: Hydrology


September: Lignotuberous

October:  Discharge


December: Biomass