Finalist in the Glenfiddich Art Prize and Residency

Finalist in the Glenfiddich Art Prize and Residency

Super excited to be a finalist in the Glenfiddich Art Prize and Residency, Australia and New Zealand, with an exhibition of finalists at Sydney Contemporary. The 5 finalists, from over 180 applications are:

Belem Lett, Elyse De Valle, Hiromi Tango and Craig Walsh, Lillian O’Neil, and Penelope Cain

Yield 2017. UV cured digital print on linen, fibreglass mesh, feathers, fabric, wood, trimmings, PVC forms, sequins, coreflute. Installation view, 2.4 m x 2 m

This work continues my ongoing interest in landscape in its widest terms, and in particular the politics of place and space-  the conjunction of power, money, land and ownership.


This installation, Yield, assembles around the central work on linen (Proposition Towards the Northern Tops (Yield), which was a finalist in the Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of NSW, 2016.
This work is framed symmetrically by draped fabric banners, and flanked to one side by a cluster of vernacular markers and wayfinders.  Three sequin-covered PVC rats appear to crouch in a ratking on top of a gold fabric covered box.
In this work I wanted to explore the breadth and porosity around ideals of sovereignty(of land, occupation and power)- including formal and resistance, vernacular and classical.