work: WATER

work: WATER

WORK: water

Think Like a Mountain, Breathe Like the Ice. In-progress 2019-2021
The Last Ice 2021

Think Like a Mountain, Breathe Like the Ice

Past memories of a glacier, future memories of a mountain

In progress 2019-2021

The Last Ice

Collapsing the space between a 10,000 year old glacial valley and a glacial ice core storage facility


Entanglement of Desert Water

A water-led storytelling in the driest bed of an ancient sea


Songs of Lyrebirds Sung to Glaciers

A post-human understanding of anthropogenic landscapes through theĀ  sonic memories of lyrebirds and the reflective properties of ice.


Rimlands 2019-2020
Mazu's Children


A consideration of oceans, tidal harvest, time.

Glenfiddich Residency, North Scotland Coastline


Mazu’s Children

Considering the contested sea between Taiwan and China, through the eyes of teens

In progress 2020- (covid-halted)