work: LAND

work: LAND

work: Land

Songs of Lyrebirds Sung to Glaciers

The Songs of Lyrebirds Sung to Glaciers

A song for three voices: lyrebird, glacier and snow algae. In progress consideration of sonic/ carbon connection between a burned forest in east coast Australia and a glacier in NZSouthern Alps / Kā Tiritiri o te Moana

One and the Care of Many

 On lichen as a starting point to consider notions of collaboration and care between species. In Re/Wild @ MAXXI, Rome curated by Manuel Cirauqui.

Object Bound Curses


A linked series of extinctions. Site responsive commission, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 2019

Object Bound Curses

Pretending for a moment that cursing is a thing, that power is misused.  Artereal Gallery 2020



mytho-poetic speculation on proximal interdependencies, modes of restitution and gestures of care, in a time and land of climate concern.

Woollahra Gallery Feb 2022

Wind and Metal, Water and Stone


object-initiated enquiry taking as a starting point the first official Australian colonial currency