Recent Work

Recent Work

work in progress: ice to water mountain to plain

A collection of other word, work in progress, trails and side tracks that intersect and diverge from primary lines of research

Superorganism Collective
Songs we were sung to as children

Superoganism Collective

Wish economies: new line of research

The joy of being part of this energetic multidisiplinary collective of beekeeper, scientist, anthropologist, sound-maker and artists that span transdisciplinary practices with a common grounding in placemaking, pattern finding and systems of information and knowledge exchange. 

Collecting songs we were sung to as children

New line of research with Superorganism Collective

spruiking the new forest
Spruiking the New Forest

Spruiking the New Forest

work in progress (2021), considering political responses from the comfort of leather benches.

SHITSTORM is an experiment in media forms, and reflection on 2020.

Layers of fibreglass mesh sewn together, acrostic format, and dye sublimation print on fabric with all sorts of trimmings.

yield installation view
Silver Money Tree


Installation view 2017, Glenfiddich Contemporary Art Prize

Repurposing a famous 19th century colonial landscape image through contemporary land economics.

Digital print, acrylic paint, fibreglass mesh, rooster feathers, sequin covered rat, trimmings, wood.

Silver Money Tree

Installation view 2018

Pseudo-totemic wall-leaning form pivoting from an archival coin, the Holey Dollar

The Nightgarden series, 2016
cain the colour of snow
The Colour of Snow in the Midday Sun 2018