February: Epicormic

February: Epicormic

February: Epicormic

Above: Still from video intervention and video documentation, Words for New Landscapes: SpruikĀ 

(Recalling that time the PM spriuked a lump of coal in Parliament.)

Video: HERE

Right: Words for New Landscapes: Epicormic (February)

Epicormic: Epicormic growth is a plant response to damage or stress, such as fire. Growth occurs from a previously dormant bud on the trunk or a limb of a tree. Rough barked Eucalypts utilise this ability after fire damage.

This is an evolutionary advantage in fire-prone landscapes.

Lessons for the future.

January: Topkill


Above: Words for New Old Landscapes: Growth at all costs, 2020

Digital print on rag paper 85 x 120 cm