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Void Fraction at SCA Graduate Gallery, July 2014

Loosely titled Void Fraction (which is a mathematical measure of the porosity of a material), this work is the result of an MFA research into ‘the city’ to develop an understanding of urban space and place, and a proposition for spatial glitches and porosities in the built city environment.

This multi-part work contains a video projection, a large wall installation of flyscreen mesh, building plastic and spray paint and a triptych of photographs, generating a node of investigation around hypothetical porosities of the wild within the city.


View the video: Void Fraction video documentation



void fraction with figure

Void Fraction installation view, 2014. 12 m x 3 m

void fraction_detail6_cain_small
void fraction_5smaller_cain

The nightgarden series, 2 of 4