January: Topkill

January: Topkill

January: Topkill

Topkill%: is the term used in evaluation of forest after a bush fire.

above: Words for New Landscapes: Topkill  (shorts 1 min), 2020

Words for New Landscapes is a longitudinal documentation of the regeneration of the Blue Mountains forest after the January 2020 fires. Each month these research sites are revisited documented, and allocated a word.

Words For New Landscapes: Spruik

2020, shorts.

Recalling that time when the Prime Minister spruiked a lump of coal in Parliament.

Intervention, video documentation

Above: From the Words For New Landscapes project:

Remembering that time when the Prime Minster of Australia spruiked a lump of coal in Parliament House Digital print on rag paper, 2 images from the series of 4: each aprox 75 x 110 cm  Taken 3 weeks after the fire, this intervention takes a greatly enlarged 2017 press photo from that time the now PM of Australia brought a lump of coal into Parliament, and inserts a fabric print of that photo into this burnt landscape.This series is an iteration from a previous work: If Truth Was Written by the Victors, 2019