Cubicle Farming
Cubicle Farming

Cubicle Farming

The Cubicle Farming project: loosely connected series of pasteup installations across 2011-2015, responding phenomenologically to urban landscapes: future-ruins, untethered sites and transition coridoors, through the over-arching lens of notions of productivity. Terms such as farming, harvest and bounty were re-imagined in response to the specific site and urban/ office productivity.

cubicle farmers_water resouce allocation_2011 Penelope Cain
Cubicle Farming: Autumn Accounts and Water Harvest. Image Penelope Cain
Cubicle Farming Penelope Cain
Cubicle Farming: Profit Reporting Season, 2011. Installation view, Sydney


fox corner no fox 4 Penelope Cain
Cubicle Farming: Finding the Tank Stream, 2015. Pasteup photocopies, plastic.