HOWLING AT THE MOON…. @ Artereal Gallery
HOWLING AT THE MOON…. @ Artereal Gallery

HOWLING AT THE MOON…. @ Artereal Gallery

New work at Artereal Gallery opened 7th Sept….

HOWLING AT THE MOON is a paired pasteup and a flyscreen mesh work on linen operating in dialogue between the street and the gallery.

7th Sept- 1st Oct

Artereal Gallery

747 Darling Street, Rozelle

HOWLING AT THE MOON installation detail, photocopy pasteup, 2016

2016 seems to have shaped up as a year of geopolitical anxiety. Locally and globally events have been occurring that are unhappy, unanticipated, inexplicable or unwanted. The politics of a double dissolution, Brexit, Trumpism, ISIS- the list goes on.

Initially in response to the increasingly anxious events I tried to disengage and stop paying attention- to *unsubscribe* and instead engage with human interest narratives, word plays and even kitten videos.

Instead, after the kitten videos finished I found myself watching animal fights and politicians’  shenanigans. So I decided to metaphorically pick the scab, and make a work about the current moment of anxiety in contemporary culture, a response to the seemingly irreconcilable conflicting forces in society, politics and the economy.

HOWLING AT THE MOON is this work.

howling install smaller
HOWLING AT THE MOON installation view. Photocopy pasteup, 3.2x 1.5m, 2016


In this lo-fi pasteup, using images from the internet and sourced photos, the (human) hands of a clock, constructions sites, politicians and traffic jams are circumscribed by police, armies and shamanic raven feathers. This half moon of anxiety is flanked by a chained wolf and a caged dingo, howling from the outside to that within.


buy in smaller
Buy In Sell Out fibreglass mesh, fabric, spraypaint, feathers, thread on linen, 70 x 100CM, 2016

The paired work, Buy-In-Sell-Out is made from fibreglass mesh, spraypaint and black feathers, on linen, and uses related imagery- rendering a juxtaposition of wolf and bear heads, snake skeletons, building scaffolding and fragments of jewellery in fibreglass mesh, combined with theatrically shamanic black feathers and a spray paint gash. The text, ‘buy in’ and the matching title, has an intentional dual meaning- referring both to straightforward and common fiscal transaction/s, or an emotional response- being sold a story.


buy in DETAIL
Buy In Sell Out: detail
buy in sell out installation
Buy In Sell Out Installation image