One and the Care of Many

One and the Care of Many

One and the Care of Many

New work in Rewild,

MAXXI Rome, curated by Manuel Cirauqui.

Part of S+T+ARTS Repairing the Present commissions

(Above: Video still from Flourish)

One and the Care of Many addresses lichen as a starting point to consider notions of collaboration and care between species. Lichens are a multispecies population; mycelial and algae partners living together in a flourishing and site-specific complexity of architecture and community; like a city. Occupying six percent of the earth and calculably metabolising two gigatonnes per year of atmospheric carbon globally, lichens are both ancient and current. At once micro-terraformers, atmospheric bioindicators, ecosystem cornerstones and discrete non-human storytellers of that blink-of-an-eye millennium in which humans have apexed across the earth.


One and the Care of Many 2022

UV cured digital print on 400 hexagonal stone tiles, 1.7mx 1.8m

Research and More info HERE

Below: Installation view and detail, Flourish video + wallpaper.

Referencing the Euro-pagan Greenman, mosaics in ancient Roman hortii and 19th century drawings by botanist, Ernst Haeckel, to generate a face of lichens, including newer lichens: the genus of lichen found to survive in space, the lichen absorbing gamma radiation near the Fukushima nuclear disaster and a climate responsive lichen emerging in the warmer winters of the Dutch new forests on recently re-claimed lands. A wall work for the hortus of the late-Anthropocene.

Windows through which the universe shines

Single screen video of immersive projection + sound environment. 2022

Sourced from a real-time visualisation of voxel dataset from the microCT scan of a small hooded rosette lichen (Physcia adscendens), from a cannal wall in Den Haag.

A micro-macro immersive   navigation through a 1 cm piece of lichen; a galaxy and a pinhead.

Made with the assistance of the Media Solution Center HLRS

Flourish 2022

Digital video with digital print on wallpaper 2022

A speculative interspecies lovestory; between a fungus and an algae, forming lichen. A view of microrewilding, a microbially led flourishing of nature in the city, at lichen time, where 10 years unfolds in 3 minutes.

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a S+T+ARTS project, with partners In4Art, Witteveen +Bos

Digital / CG Design and world building: Charleton Mercelina. Video: Penelope Cain Editing: Penelope Cain+VideoHippies. Featuring sounds by Felicity Mangan. 3D printing: Formlab, School of Arts, Ghent. Without these creatives this would not have been possible.

With the assistance of: Media Solution Center-HLRS High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, Witteveen + Bos, The Hague; Faculteit Civiele Techniek en Geowetenschappen, TU Delft, Bryologische en Lichenologische Werkgroup (BLWG).